When Is The Best Time To Post My Blogs?

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When you have finally come to the point where you are ready to unleash your blog post to the world, this question may appear in your head, ‘Should I post this now while all of the USA is sleeping, or just hit save to draft and get onto the next one?’

A lot of how you answer this comes down to what it is you are posting about. Maybe your post is time-sensitive or has to coincide with a launch between other bloggers/sources – or perhaps you have a huge following and have a countdown deadline approaching. In those cases, a scheduled post could be the correct decision.

But I am worried that people on the side of the world will miss my post.

Let’s get this into perspective. When you hit publish your post goes live. About 3 to 6 months later, Google finds the post and decides what to do with it. The only time this could be an issue is when you automatically share your post to your social media accounts when you hit publish. In those cases, I would still recommend hitting publish, then getting up a bit later to do some social media linking.

The sooner you get your posts up there, the quicker they will get noticed. If it’s not time-critical, hit PUBLISH! NOW!

Posts for specific geographical areas

If you are posting a time-critical message, you will want to post at a time when you are assured of reaching most of your target audience. And that is the issue. There is no ‘golden moment’ when all your intended audience is online, but there ways of narrowing down the target window.

For example, a small business offering services to business travelers in London, England will want their message to appear on social media around peak travel times (6am to 8.45am – 4.30pm to 7pm GMT). I would still suggest having the blog post up and live before sharing on social media however, as things can go wrong and you don’t want to miss your window.

If you are based in the UK and want to target a state in the USA, do some research and find out the time difference and when the best times to post are. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Study your competition – when do they post?
  • Post messages at different times of the day and compare results
  • Use the ‘Insights’ function in the WordPress Jetpack plug
  • Google what the time zone is in your target market

Time is critical

Although this website posts about topics that are current and relevant, they are not time-critical. I prefer to hit publish and get my content LIVE as soon as I am happy with it. Although my posts are not time-dependant, MY time is! I only have so many hours a day to commit to writing blogs. The rest of it is spent with my family and ‘regular’ duties (shopping, eating… sleeping).

Spread the load

If I do need to spread my posts out, I use the built-in schedule post feature (free and built-in to WordPress). That way I’m not bombarding my readers with lots of posts – and it makes me look as busy as I know I should be lol

A normal post takes me around 2 hours to research, write, edit and publish. When it’s ready to go, I NEED to hit publish. I NEED to see my work go live. Only then can I put the kettle on, make a coffee and think about my next post.

HINT: If an idea for another post does pop into your head while you are working on another one, take a note of it quickly either in a piece of paper or on your computer. But don’t be tempted to go chasing after it and making a start on it. You will lose the ‘thread’ you had on your original post and kick yourself for losing that valuable time.

Schedule your writing time. Be prepared!

This is something I will go into detail about in another post, but worth mentioning here. As I said, your time is critical, so schedule some in for writing your blog posts. If you do have a time-sensitive post to write, then, by all means, wait until the deadline before you hit publish. But make sure you have everything else in place for that moment.

  • Pre-write your social media posts
  • Get the images prepared and ready beforehand
  • Let your team know the time it will go live (so they can re-post/share/comment)

Go back and revisit all your posts

Every few weeks, I go back and look over my blog posts. I am looking for any errors to fix or updates to apply. Once I’m happy I update it and share it through my social media accounts again.

  • To make my posts work harder
  • To attract new visitors (who missed it the first time)

Writing and publishing useful and relevant posts is the goal of a blogger. If you are not doing that, you are wasting valuable time. Make a plan, get over the whole ‘will anybody ever read this post?’ mindset, and get writing.

Write it. Send it. Next!

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