What Should I Write About On My Blog?

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The million dollar question: What Should I Write About On My Blog?

There is no simple answer. It all comes down to what gets you out of bed in the morning. I’ve started many blogs over the years, only to leave them behind without new posts. After a while, they lose their search engine rankings and all the ‘hard’ work I did was wasted.

Turns out I wasn’t that interested in the subject of those blogs.

If you were asked to write a 1250 word essay every day on something you neither wanted to know about or learn about, let alone write about, you would soon run out of steam and go do something less boring. The same applies to running a blog. Yeah sure, you can write great content, but can you write with passion about a subject that really interests you? If not, your readers will feel it and they will soon click away to someone else who seems to care.

A successful blog is a hungry blog.

It needs regular feeding. It also has an appetite for healthy fresh content that keeps it alive and noticed. If your interest in it starts to fade, your writing will suffer and your blog will eventually die. Try to pick a subject or niche that inspires you. This could be your full-time job one day, so think about what you makes YOU feel good about writing.

Pick a subject that more than interests you.

When I started Bloggin4Cash, I had already spent years learning the latest and best techniques for making money online from my passion for writing. This naturally lead to the creation of this site when I realised that my actual passion was more than just writing blogs on various subjects – but was infact learning blogging skills and teaching what I have learned to others wanting to make a living from blogging. Writing posts on this site feels good to me.

Everyone here has left a trail of half-eaten blogs behind.

Some were really good and should (and probably will) be saved from extinction. Others were created because a gap was spotted and we rushed to fill it with pages and pages of ‘really useful’ knowledge. But when the gap closed, the interest slid away and we turned our attention to other blogging subjects. Those blogs were left behind. Hours of keyboard tapping for some short gains.

Finding a subject to write about is a deeply personal dilemma. The only person that knows your likes and dislikes is yourself (and possibly your mother). What excites you? What can you talk about for hours and never get bored? What ambitions have you carried with you your whole life? What did you dream about being when you were younger?

What books do you read?

I remember spending hours panicking about a new blog I wanted to create. My mind had drawn a blank. I knew that I wanted to start writing about something new – but I had no idea what it was. So I started to think about all the things that matter to me – family, friends, local issues, etc… Eventually, I decided to take a break and read a book.

To my surprise, I noticed something I hadn’t thought about before. Almost all of my books were split over just five topics: self-help, cooking, photography, travel and novel writing. I had five blog subjects sitting on my bookshelf. Over the years I had purchased dozens of books in these subjects. Without realising, I had become a bit of an expert in them all.

After some time, I narrowed these broad subjects into niches and began my first blog. It was on photography and is still one of my favourite writing subjects today. So go have a look at what makes you who you are.

Ask somebody what they know about you.

If you are really stuck, ask someone close what they think you are all about. It may just surprise you. I asked a friend to give an honest description of me – to me. He told me I was a great guy (thank you!) but I could quickly and easily bore people to tears with my seemingly endless facts and figures about camera settings, lighting and photography settings. It was a revelation – but it made sense. There was no problem with me talking about my passion. The problem was I was telling the wrong crowd. So I started my photography blog and began informing and entertaining the people who were actually interested in what I had to say. After a while, I introduced some affiliate links to photography products that I used and recommended. I still make a good income from that site today.

Don’t aim for perfection

There is no such thing as perfection and those who strive to achieve it will always be disappointed. Better to do the best you can do, realising that you cannot please all the people. You will always have critics – that’s the world we live in. Rather than waste energy fighting with them, ignore them or invite them to do better.

Writing is difficult and time-consuming. It can hurt to take a massive blow to the ego when someone writes a cruel comment about a post you spend five hours creating. But remember that you are ARE a writer and a blogger – and you ARE creating and contributing. Haters gonna hate and all that.

Everyone has to start someone and you will improve with every post you make. Write your post, edit it and publish it. A few days later, go back over it and check for errors or grammar mistakes (I always miss loads!).

Do try to keep up-to-date with your chosen subject area. A good post should be interesting and relevant. It should be useful to the reader.


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