What Is A Niche? And How Do I Find Mine?

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When you first start thinking about writing a blog and making money it can be easy to fall into the trap of choosing a niche that you know nothing about – just because you have read it is profitable. And that can be a costly and time-wasting experience.

I went through a phase of jumping on every niche blog idea that popped up. By the time I had got around to writing posts, I was already a good bit out of pocket – and I had no idea what to really write about!

Choose your niche carefully

Think about what excites you. Is there a topic you could happily talk about all day? Could that dialogue be converted into writing? If so, you could be on the right track.

If you want to make a living from writing blogs, they should be on subjects that you can easily write about. The words should flow naturally and easily for you. If you find yourself running out of steam after 200 words, you may have made a bad niche choice.

Is the niche profitable?

Not everything bloggable is profitable. You could write hundreds of pages on the latest tech coming onto the market – but chances are very few visitors will click through your affiliate links to make a purchase. Plus by the time you have written about a tech product, it has already been replaced by something even newer and flashier.

Choosing to blog about a very popular niche can be difficult to enter. You will be competing against sites that have already established their presence and ‘expert status’. Better to tackle a big niche in small chunks and be a specialist in those smaller areas.

What is a niche anyway?

Say you started a brand new blog about photography. It would be almost impossible to establish itself if it covers EVERYTHING to do with photography. But if you break the world of photography into smaller topics, such as equipment and skills for wedding photography, you will stand a better chance of getting noticed.

Having to only concentrate on one aspect of the wider topic will allow you to focus on quality content that is aimed at the people who need it. There would be no point posting about pet photography on a wedding photography blog!

Concentrate on one project at a time

Oh, how I wish someone had told me this when I started out in blogging. Over the years I have spent a small fortune on domain names, hosting and logo designs. Most of which ended up being deleted or put back on the shelf for a future date.

This is what I recommend:

  • Clear a space in your diary to do some thinking
  • Choose a topic that interests you
  • Break it down into smaller chunks (niches)
  • Check out the competition for each niche
  • Are they making any money? (affiliate links, selling products/courses…)
  • Decide to commit to your chosen niche (very important!)
  • Buy a suitable domain name
  • Buy the best hosting you can afford
  • Start writing (write, edit, post, repeat…)
  • Aim for around 50 good quality posts
  • THEN… Look at monetizing your blog
  • Post regular fresh content on the site (if you don’t, it will fall away from the search engine rankings).
  • Repeat the whole process

It can be tempting to launch a few sites a the same time, but it means spreading your time thinly across them all. I’ve done it and I could kick myself. Get your head down and get one blog up and ready – then create another. If you are really good at blogging, you may well end up with multiple income streams from all your blogs. And that for me is the goal of any blogger who is writing for cash.

As with any venture, it’s important to treat income blogging as a business. Schedule your time for writing and keep your goals in mind. A lot of people make a very good living from writing about what they love, why shouldn’t it be you too?


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