How Do I Get More Visitors To My Blog?

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Every website or blog needs visitors.

What would be the point in building the site if nobody came to read it? In this post we will look at a few ways in which visitors are made aware of your site, and what you can do to help make sure they click the link that takes them there.

Paid Traffic

Many popular websites make use of paid techniques to drive traffic towards their blogs. Among these, Google Ads and Affiliate Links are the most well known.

Google Ads has been around for a long time now, and is still a great way to get your blog found on the top search pages (albeit in the paid ads section). Bear in mind you will be competing with other blogs and websites in your niche and cost-per-click can get high. You need a budget that you can comfortably afford. Keyword research is vital to using Google Ads and it does come built in to their dashboard.

Start with a few specific keywords.

Monitor their performance closely and make adjustments where necessary. Google Ads can work for some, but for others, it can be a costly marketing error if they get it wrong.

Affiliate Links

These can be a great way to drive traffic to your site and are fairly easy to set up. You simply sign up to one of the affiliate websites, provide content, links and some bank details.

Website owners who are signed up to the affiliate site will place your adverts on their websites. When a visitor clicks on the ad, they will be taken directly to your website. You pay an agreed amount for the click (often called a referral) and the website owner receives a small commission or payment for providing the referral.

As with Google Ads, choosing the right keywords is essential to ensuring you attract the right visitors to your site.

Don’t rely solely on the keywords suggested by the click ad providers – do your own research. There are some great keyword research tools available including this one from Clever Gizmos (click here to visit their website).

Important: With Google Ads and Affiliate Programs, there is no guarantee that the visitor will make a purchase or even hang around for long. It’s up to you to make your blog or website appealing to them. You can choose where they land on your site. Many bloggers have them land on a genuine special offer page or piece of juicy content.

Organic Traffic

By far the most desirable method of getting visitors, organic traffic is the preferred choice for almost all website owners. It is also the hardest to achieve but can be done with some knowledge and time.

Google closely guards the criteria (algorithms) it uses to gauge the importance of a website, but some things are known:

  • Posts must be well written with relevant content
  • Proper format should be observed (H Tags, Sub Headings)
  • Post length should be between 850 and 3500 words
  • The key ‘topic’ should be obvious throughout the post, but not overused.
  • Google needs to be fed regularly – so post often
  • Spelling & grammar mistakes could cost you position
  • Pictures should contain alt tags with clear descriptions
  • Do not stuff your post with keywords, Google is clever!

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer 

There is also some news emerging that Google is favouring websites and blogs that are secure (behind an SSL layer – little padlock on the search bar and the ‘s’ at the end of https). This can be easily obtained and was the driving factor behind our move to BlueHost as our hosting provider. They supply SSL protection for free with all websites hosted on their servers. You can check out there hosting packages by clicking here.

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