5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

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If you have a retail brand or run a small business, having a blog is one of the best marketing tools you can choose. Not only is it low cost and simple to operate, you are connecting DIRECTLY with your clients.

Here are 5 reasons your company should be investing in a blog.

1 – Blogs help your website grow

Quite often a company invests time and money creating a wonderful website for their brand or services. They carefully add an about us page, contact details, and some pictures. But once the website is complete, the only updates it normally gets are price changes and new product links.

This isn’t very exciting to Google – which after a while sees that nothing is really happening on your site – and starts to drop it down the search engine rankings. But you can solve this by adding on a blog.

A well-written blog, with regular posts, will keep the search engines visiting and give your clients a reason to come back to visit your site. You can read more about our recommended blog posts lengths here.

2 – You don’t need to spend a lot of time writing blog posts

I remember working for a client who thought his company had to blog every single day. He got himself into a right panic. But after a chat, I assured him that he didn’t need to post that much! Sometimes it can be difficult to think up things to write, so don’t over-commit yourself. Aim to post around once or twice a month minimum.

3 – Clients like to keep up-to-date

If you have an event (sale, open day, big announcement), a blog is perfect for keeping your clients informed. Nobody really likes to be ‘sold’ to, but they do like to be kept in the loop. A short post about an upcoming event will be more useful than a barrage of marketing materials (most of which will be ignored anyway). Blog posts can be written to feel more personal and less like a sales message. Include industry-relevant updates to give the post more depth.

4 – Blogs connect to your social media

When you post on your blog, it can be automatically posted to your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc…). This is a great time saver and marketing tool that allows your post to reach a wider audience. People who click on your posts will be brought back to your site to read the complete story – and that gives you an opportunity to convert them to clients. We will be writing a post soon on the various tools available to convert website and blog visitors into paying clients.

5 – Setting up a blog is practically FREE

Talk about return on investment! If you already have a website, get in touch with your web designer and ask them to bolt on WordPress. If your site is already built with WordPress (like this one is), then it’s already built-in. Start writing and engaging with your clients, and potential clients, today!

If you don’t have a website, you should consider putting up a blog at the very least. Have a look at Bluehost – they offer affordable blogging packages with WordPress built-in.

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